You would probably visit Google and type in “hairdresser near me” if you wanted to discover, say, a hairdresser in your neighborhood. Similar to this, target clients will conduct the same thing when browsing for your plumbing, baking, legal, etc. services. Keeping your company visible on Google Local Search can therefore assist you in attracting more sales and leads. through the use of local SEO. Some refer to it as Google Maps SEO.

Making your company available on Google Maps for specific keywords is part of Google Maps SEO. You will discover how to use Google Maps SEO to rank your company on the local search engine in this article.

Why Worry About SEO for Google Maps?

Google Map SEO requires time and can be frustrating to put up correctly, just like any other marketing attempt. Why bother, then? Well, the following intriguing data might catch your attention:

  • 80% of mobile local searches result in conversions.
  • Customers seek local companies on Google 86% of the time.
  • Location-based searches make up 46% of all Google queries.

All of those, in our opinion, is sufficient to change your opinion of Google Map SEO for the better.

Before You Begin With Local Search Engine Ranking

Making a Google My Business Page Profile is the first step in starting a Google Map SEO campaign. Don’t worry, making one is fairly basic and straightforward. Additionally, we’ve written a thorough tutorial that you can use to quickly set up yours. Moreover, take into consideration that Google bases local engine ranking on three primary signals:

Distance: Your chances of ranking first are better the closer your company is to the city center where you want to be found.

Relevance: Google makes an effort to match users’ searches with the most relevant results. For this reason, it’s critical to provide as much detail about your company as you can.

Prominence: On Google Local Searches, the top listings are taken by companies with a longer track record of operations and a better reputation.

Ideally, your Google My Business profile is now operational. Here are some suggestions to increase its local search engine visibility.

Tip 1: Make sure your business information is accurate and updated

Make certain that the data you enter about your company is up-to-date and relevant when creating a GMB profile. Using incorrect or out-of-date information can reduce your internet presence. Check that the data on all of your online profiles is consistent.

Tip 2: Confirm Your Company’s Physical Address

Without confirming your location, you can create your GMB profile. During the initial setup procedure, Google lets you bypass that step.

To display on Google Maps, your company location must still be verified. Google frequently achieves this by mailing a postcard to your actual address that contains your verification code.

Tip 3: Include Your Target Keywords in a Detailed Business Description

Significance is one of the ranking elements Google employs to decide which local content to display to searchers, as was previously mentioned. As a result, including a thorough description that incorporates your desired keywords will significantly increase your exposure on local searches.

Tip 4: Add pictures

Did you realize that photos are one of the ways searches might locate your company? According to statistics, one-third of all Google queries are image-related. If you aren’t including photographs in your GMB profile, you are undoubtedly losing out on a lot of money. Thankfully, adding photographs to your GMB profile is simple and only requires a few clicks.

Tip 5: Post frequently

There are many advantages to posting frequently on your Google Business Profile. First off, it informs Google that your company is open for business, which improves local search exposure.

Additionally, posting articles that contain your goal keywords might help you rank better for local SEO services.

Tip 6: Utilize reviews to increase the credibility

Every connection, including those in business, is held together by trust. And respectfully requesting feedback is the greatest way to start receiving them. As long as you don’t give your consumers any sort of incentive for doing so, Google itself advises urging them to submit reviews.

Tip 7: Run advertisements on occasion

The topic of this article is designed to be organic SEO business growth. So, why do people run advertisements?

Here’s the issue, though. Running paid advertisements on Google Maps will increase the visibility of your company. Additionally, the more interactions it has with clients, the more evaluations it will receive as a result of its increased visibility.

Without developing local backlinks, local search marketing is never truly complete.

Backlinks are just links leading to your website from another website. When a reputable website links to yours, Google is informed that you can be trusted and should therefore be given a high ranking.


Ultimately, the main goal of using SEO for Google Maps is traffic generation. Although it has many great benefits that go beyond search engine ranking, SEO for Google Maps should primarily be viewed as an Internet marketing channel.

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