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What is the SEO Value of Website Hosted Video?

Everyone understands that video is a valuable component of modern Internet marketing. However, few understand how video content translates into SEO value. If you really want to maximize your video content, you need to know how it works in relation to search engine ranking factors. In particular, it’s important to understand the differences between website […]

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Content Curation Marketing Strategy: Benefits And How-To

It’s easier to find and comment on relevant pieces of content than it is to create your own masterpiece from scratch. That’s precisely what content curation is, and it is used as part of marketing strategy.  It’s the process of aggregating data about a specific topic, distilling that information to identify the most important ideas, […]

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Marketing Web Design: Effect on SEO and Conversion Rate

In regards to web design and digital marketing, most people are under the impression that having an aesthetically pleasing website is the most crucial aspect of a website. While having a great-looking site is important, it’s not the only aspect of your design that affects your marketing efforts. Your website is the confluence of all […]