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email marketing for startups

Cheap Email Marketing For Startups

There is much talk these days about getting Facebook fans and Twitter followers. An often neglected tool for marketing startups is email. You likely...
focus keyword

What Exactly Is A Focus Keyword?

We do keyword research through a number of audits and data crosswalks to identify key pages that can be improved to deliver a fast...
seo terms for beginners

A Dictionary of SEO Terms for Beginners

Jargon sucks. But there’s so much of it about, especially in our industry. Whether it’s a buzzword, an abbreviation, a portmanteau, a re-appropriated term...

4 Case Studies on Shareability: How to Make Content Go Viral

What makes some content so shareable? If you’re a content publisher, you can’t help but wonder why: Why is it that one post can...

How to Speed up a Website: PageLoad and Speed Optimization Techniques

Is there anything more frustrating in life than a slow-loading website? This cardinal sin is one of the ultimate no-nos in website development. If...
person using laptop

How to Become A Freelance SEO Writer In 2022

Becoming a freelancer has always had its perks, but its popularity truly exploded in 2020. Freelance work offers income opportunities, as well as the...
seo for swiss small business

Mastering SEO For Swiss Small Business Entrepreneurs

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the key tools of digital marketing. At the end of this article, you’ll understand what SEO is....
marketing text and images

Marketing Text and Images: The Perfect Combination

Imagine this: in your search for a simple chocolate chip cookie recipe, you click on a link that looks promising only to find a...
white and blue printer paper

How to Fix WordPress Page Errors and Get Your Site Back Online

WordPress powers more of the internet than any other content management system (CMS). Since it’s initial release in 2003, it has grown from a...
content writing examples

10 Best Content Writing Examples to Create Better & Smarter Articles

Web content writing is different from traditional story writing. Readers go to them and even pay for books and magazines. We, web content writers,...

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