According to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), residents of the Golden State can choose not to allow websites to sell their personal information. This is meant to protect your privacy, and we always strive to stay within the confines of the law.

Disclaimer: We often share your information to third-party websites that allow us to run our company smoothly. This includes websites that provide offers or market products that are likely to of your interest. Our website is, and always will be, free for our reader. As such, our main source of revenue is advertising, especially targeted advertising that depends on the sale of your information. In the spirit of transparency, we would like to outline what categories of personal information third parties have access to through our website. As stated above, California residents are within their legal right to opt out services that would include the sale of their personal data. Of course, we will honor the legal right to do so, and respect your decision should you choose this option. Nonetheless, here are the ways we share personal information of our readers to third-party organizations. Note that this is highly dependent on the information you share with us, and on the services you use on our website.

  • Third-parties have access to demographic and statistical information, content generated by our readers, information on reader devices (including identifiers and geolocation tags). 
  • Online advertising companies can additionally access browser data (including data) and social media information of our readers.

How to Opt Out

As we’ve previously mentioned, you’re well within your right to refuse the sale of your personal data, as it is a matter of privacy. The first thing you may want to do is unsubscribe to our marketing emails. You can find the unsubscribe button at the end of any email we send. 

To enforce the CCPA, you can email us a request to opt-out of the sale of your personal data. Our team will follow protocols to delete what data we already have, adn make sure it does not get into the wrong hands. We will always strive to respond to your request as soon as it is physically possible for us. 

A Note On Cookies

Although you may have already sent us an opt-out request, you may still be sharing your data with us unknowingly. This is usually because your browser blocks cookies and thus any preferences you have set might not be in effect. To ensure your privacy, kindly check your browser settings.

Does Opting Out Mean No Advertising?

Even if you are indeed a California resident and opt-out of sharing your information, our website will still show you advertising content. However, the content will not be targeted, but rather it is contextual. 

Final Note

We are still within our legal rights to “sell” the personal information or collected data of people who are not California residents. Also, our service providers have access to all our databases by default, and we are within our legal right to share this information to provide services such as fraud prevention.