What’s directory submission’s role in link building? A site can quickly acquire new links by using directories. There are various strategies for doing this, from submitting to every directory on the website to being extremely picky. To give you some viewpoint on how you might choose to pursue it, this piece will go through what’s going on behind the scenes.

The act of providing a link to your company’s website to internet directories is a directory link submission. You provide a link to it as well as more helpful information.

Let’s use Google to find a submission in a directory as an instance. There, we’ll look for online directories that allow cleaning service website listings.

Submission to directories is crucial since it affects off-page SEO. In summary, off-page SEO refers to the things you perform that are not related to your website. Its objective is to enhance how users and search engines perceive your website.

It bears weight, much like good reviews and effective local citation building. In particular, it accounts for more than 50% of the ranking weight.

How to Do Your Directory Value Analysis?

You now possess a directory of people you want to get in touch with. How do you behave? If the directory claims to be serious about the caliber of its listings, you should try to ascertain that. You should be cautious about dealing in directories that currently pass link juice because they might stop doing so in the future.

But let’s continue looking for the directories with the highest value. You must search for indicators that they will endure. The following are some items to keep an eye out for:

  • Was it backed by a reputable venture capital firm or a significant business in a certain vertical? If this is the case, people are more inclined to be concerned with the caliber of the construction.
  • Do you know how long it’s been around? If so, it has a better chance of continuing to exist.
  • How are they expanding their firm commercially? If they are selling journalistic reviews, is AdSense prominently displayed everywhere as well? If that’s the case, they’re probably not a serious contender.
  • Are there a lot of irrelevant links on pages that appear to have text links that were purchased?
  • In that case, it is a given that someone will ultimately bring them in.
  • In connection with the previous two criteria, anything that gives the site a spammy appearance is a red flag that the player is not serious.
  • Do they have a large number of bought links in their backlink profile?

Suitable Directories as Examples

Of course, you should stress that there is no certainty even though, relying on your research, these directories seem to be of high quality and likely to remain for a while.

Instance 1: Itrain Online

This website’s theme is computer and Internet training facilities for advancement and social change, and it has a PR 6 home page. Here are some noteworthy features of this directory that we like:

  • The website has an aggressive editorial stance.
  • Since there is no fee, accepting listings is not influenced by funding.
  • The site has very little advertising, all of which is properly marked.

Instance 2: New Zealand Tourism Online

The listing pages have a PR of 4, whereas the home page has a PR of 6. Here are some significant findings in the directory:

The website is financed by advertising.

Listings are editorially chosen, not purchased.

The high number of listings per category

Instance 3: The Internet TESL Journal

The homepage of this website is PR7. The information is highly academic and includes the most innovative teaching strategies straight from experts. This is how the home page appears: Here are some important details regarding the website:

  • There isn’t a clear way to return to the author’s website. Read on even though this site does not pass PageRank.
  • The email address of the author is disclosed in the articles.
  • In your articles, you can credit sources.

Poor choices of directories

Since the goal of this piece is not to single out any particular person, you won’t provide URLs for the dangerous directories.

Example 1: The homepage of the site is in the PR7 directory. This is helpful because the content is authoritative generally. Also excellent is the PageRank. On the website, there isn’t a clear editorial philosophy, though. If you take a closer look at the website, it appears that the rule is just to pay your money and you’re in.

Example 2: This website has PR4 linked pages and is a PR4 site. Up above, there is a small amount of AdSense advertising, but not in an overpowering way. are advertisements.

Sadly, because of the redirect, the links might not pass PageRank. On pages near the bottom, numerous irrelevant links are advertisements. That advertising does pass link juice.


Why do these links not qualify? The quick response is that its culpability has already been established. The promotion of pay-per-post services as a means of obtaining link juice was unsuccessful. The main problem, however, is that these services do not pass the fundamental requirement of charging money to obtain an editorial review that might not result in a link.


We frequently suggest to our clients to use directories in their link-building plans. In addition to this, we search for vertical directories tailored to our client’s industry. Almost every industry or market has one or more excellent directories that are well worth joining.

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