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The Chrome Extension “Check My Links” scans your website looking for broken links. Web designers, developers, and content producers are its target market. Mopping up broken links as soon as possible is in your best interest and a simple approach to enhance your website because they detract from both the user experience and your search engine optimization (SEO) attempts.

You may learn how to set up Check My Links in Google Chrome in this post to make the site’s broken link checker available. Additionally, you will understand how this addon fits and what it can do. We will outline easy to follow instructions for using this extension to fix broken links and provide the best outcome in the shortest amount of time.

Earlier, link building was done by webmasters using the Mozilla Firefox LinkChecker add-on. Everyone thought this was the most helpful find of the year after Ross Hudgens revealed on Twitter his Chrome plugin, Check My Links. Considering these add-ons, experts shifted to Chrome and Check My Links. The tool, which is utilized by webmasters worldwide, has assumed the position of the indispensible, cost-efficient, and most successful assistant number 1 in link building to date.

You may evaluate the results of these two add-ons to see why the Chrome extension is so well-liked and why many experts refer to the LinkChecker Firefox add-work on’s as “dead link construction” when they use it.

  • This add-on is quite slow to use. Determining the worth of the page you are accessing takes a long time.
  • The inability to check multiple pages at once is a drawback that interferes with concentration during work. Waiting is inefficient, and getting distracted by something else makes the prior activity more difficult.
  • This extension’s work was constructed unreasonably. Links that use time cannot be subject to a check. Everything is fundamentally backwards, which has a significant impact on output.

This is one of the greatest extensions for identifying 404 links on-page, according to several international webmasters.

  1. The page includes a redirect check. The article 301 vs. 302 Redirects has more information on redirects.
  2. Verify whether any broken 404 errors are present.
  3. Fast and easy: Check My Links can scan the entire website in less than ten seconds. We check the links that take the least time.
  4. Since many people work with roughly 40 pages at a time, the ability to examine multiple pages at once is crucial because it saves a lot of time and effort.
  5. It displays the precise error that the broken link was sent.

There are 3 easy actions you must follow in order to install this extension:

  • the device with the Chrome browser installed. On other browsers, the extension is inoperative.
  • Install Make sure to check out and enable the My Links Chrome Extension.
  • To activate the extension and utilize it, open the browser and click the icon in the top right corner.

The three most well-liked and successful techniques can be identified. Since a lot of people are interested in this topic, we advise having your own personal experience using the extension before deciding which choice is best for you. These are all low-effort options that contribute to a rapid and effective work completion.

The Direct Search and Replacement method

enables you to identify each broken link more accurately and meticulously. Select the broken link and request a link to the desired website to replace it. You need the following to utilize this function:

  • Handle with the sites that have a lot of external connections after checking each website independently in the tab with all the links.
  • Links should be present on each page of blogs. Look for “links” or “resources” on other websites.
  • There must be at least 25 pages total and never less. Comparatively examine other blogs to discover what tools they employ.
  • After checking all the links and identifying a few broken ones, activate the installed Chrome extension.

Replacement of Content

Another fantastic method that will help all webmasters save 90% of their time. By using this technique, you can figure out exactly what was on the page that was referred to and be one step ahead. Benefits:

By using this technique, it is able to locate, view, and examine the precise reference using the return method. Once you have the information, you can republish this article on any website you choose. The main advantage is that a lot of web professionals will choose to replace problematic links with similar material. All you have to do is swap it out.

Broken Blogger blogs

This new feature is really powerful. Webmasters have a lot of disagreements over it. The majority don’t utilize it, but you should give it a shot and decide for yourself.

  • On, you may look for broken links and see which ones lead to subdomains.
  • You must confirm that you can create a blog on your own. Then delete a static page that links to the blog you want to use, using a promoted term.
  • Make careful to note below that anyone wishing to follow this link can do so at the updated URL (link).


Check My Links is useful because it’s free, easy to use, and you can use it actively or passively for content marketing and backlinking. A comparison of the Chrome extension’s performance with larger SEO suites that can assess the health of your links would be unfair since it can’t compete. But you will find it useful for your SEO purposed for sure.

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