Baidu is the number one and most popular search engine in China. It has approximately 60 percent of the country’s market share. It was founded by Robin Li and Eric Xu on the 18th of January 2000. Baidu is ranked as the 5th search engine in the world and 1st for China and Chinese users. It’s the first company to be included in the NASDAQ-100 index of December 2007. Let’s take a look at Baidus’ SEO techniques.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of getting traffic or visitors to a webpage on a search engine. The aim is to obtain a high-ranking placement on the search results page. The goal is for your website to rank on the first page or ideally as number one in the natural results to give you maximum visibility. All major search engines, like Google, Baidu, Yahoo, and Bing, have such results.

Baidu SEO Techniques Are Different From Google SEO

Baidu and Google are not the same. One is not just the Chinese version of the other, it doesn’t work the same way for ranking websites. These two have different objectives, as well as different techniques for working. It is especially important to study and understand Baidu SEO when investing in China, even though you already mastered Google SEO.

Baidu SEO Techniques And Bing

Since Google’s exit from China due to censorship issues, Baidu held control of the Chinese search engine market. But, Microsoft’s Bing has always been present in the Chinese online market for the past few years, although holding only a 2% market share. Recently, however, Baidu and Bing decided and announced a partnership. So, some of the search results found on Bing will be in Baidu as well, and vice versa.

Having a solid top 3 ranking on Bing for both your English website and Chinese website could mean lasting visibility in the Chinese market.

Baidu SEO

Getting high rankings using Baidu SEO techniques is a crucial part to get into the Chinese digital market, as Baidu is where the Chinese mass market gets its’ everyday information. Once you master the proper Baidu SEO techniques, there’ll be a constant and notable increase in search engine rankings.

SEO on Baidu usually works for a long-term strategy, but for short-term goals, sponsored links or links via Pay per click (PPC) strategy, which we’ll talk about later.

One of the first important things in setting up a good Baidu SEO is a website submission to Baidu to get “indexed”. If a website is not “indexed” yet, it won’t appear in Baidu’s search engine.

Also, the submission of a sitemap in Baidu can help them find all the pages of your website. Link the target webpage on your homepage properly. We advise you to maximize the links you put in the header and footer.

A Website In Chinese

Baidu prioritizes 100% Chinese-based websites as their main selling feature is that they only index simplified Chinese characters. A website and homepage in Chinese would be preferable. Also, it’s better to register the company in China to have a website in “.cn”.

Baidu also loves big and famous websites, with updates and regularly refreshed content preferred.

Website Hosted In China

Websites hosted in countries other than China tend to have a slower loading time compared to websites hosted in China. Also, as the Chinese government is strict in controlling content and information on different websites, it is best to have a website hosted in China so the government could easily contact the Internet hosting service. Baidu gives a few penalties to websites hosted in other countries. Of course, that also means that the content of your website should be as clean as possible, avoiding topics prohibited by the government of China.

Onsite SEO: The Meta Data

Baidu gives huge importance to the metadata or meta tag. This includes the meta keywords, meta descriptions, title tags, H1, and H2 tags, and alt tags. Having these tags will hugely help with the rankings of the website. We mostly choose a meta tag according to what we researched as the most used keywords on Baidu and based on the competition, then choose good pages to optimize those keywords.

The Baidu Index and the Baidu Live keyword feed help people to see which keywords are performing well. When it comes to the keywords and the site text, you should consider the following:

  • You should also use anchor words on internal links, so there’s always a link from one of your pages to another of your pages. It can help a lot in rankings,
  • The website should also have easy navigation with a clear hierarchy,
  • Baidu does not recognize Flash or JavaScript yet, so no to those. You should just stick first to HTML,
  • Minimizing Frame and iFrame is also a must since there’s strong evidence suggesting that Baidu’s disregarding iFrame content.
  • Content at the top is great as well since Baidu often experiences poor connectivity and is notorious for only ready the first 100 to 120 kilobytes of your content,
  • And like other search engines, always update your webpage as Baidu likes regularly refreshed content.

Offsite SEO

Promotion and marketing of your website across the internet in different relevant locations help in building the reputation and fame of your website. There are quite a few ways in promoting your website to Baidu through offsite SEO, some of these are:

  • Promoting your brand on as many different Chinese websites as possible like posting relevant content of your website, videos, and images,
  • Posting/submitting news to Baidu News Protocol could gain higher ranks from Baidu and help more visitors see your website.
  • Using Chinese characters for your entire post as an anchor text back to your website could attract Baidu even more, and
  • Submitting pages of your website to Baidu Bookmarks could help these pages get indexed quicker.

Inbound links or also known as links to your website are an important ranking factor for Baidu. The more other websites link to your website, the better. Baidu doesn’t mind if the quality of links is reputable or not, as long as many links are linking to your website, the SEO will be affected. Chinese links, however, are very important. Getting links from reputable and well-ranking Chinese sites is much more important for Baidu than getting links from English sites.

Baidu’s consideration for this is quite different from inbound links as the weighing factor is hard to quantify. The most useful thing to do is to link your website to other sites if it is relevant to the reader.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Strategy

Baidu Phoenix Nest is Baidu’s pay-per-click platform, much like Google’s AdWords, although Baidu’s platform ranks websites depending on the money transactions and Ad Words rank theirs through the importance of website content. The higher the level of the money transacted, the higher the ranking in Baidu.

Baidu SEO For The Chinese Market

With more than 641.6 million internet users in China today, China is the biggest online market in the world. It is attracting many businesses around the globe, and they are all trying to penetrate the Chinese web. With more than 80% market share on the Chinese internet, Baidu is the most recommended and required search engine to enter that will surely be seen by the target market.

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