As time has changed, so too has technology. For automation in 2022, things are slowly starting to come to a head this year.

Of course, most people have likely heard of automation before. However, they may not know how rapidly technology has evolved in recent times. The attitudes in certain spheres have steadily changed under the influence of turbulent economies and personal needs.

Therefore, it is worth asking how things are shaping up for automation in 2022. We investigate these matters further down below.

Automation in 2022: The Pandemic Influence

The coronavirus pandemic has changed life in many ways. And some of its influences will have a permanent effect on society. Interestingly, this could be the case with automation.

In response to the layoffs incurred by the coronavirus, many manufacturers ignored the high costs. They turned to automation to keep their production lines going. NBC reported that these companies would not be returning. Dubbing the technologies “the perfect pandemic worker” in the process.

The Coronavirus will likely have a lasting and permanent effect on automation and manufacturing.

Of course, things were likely always going to go this way sooner or later. However, it seems that the pandemic has irreversibly accelerated the use of automation technologies. Redefining industries in the process of ‘do or die’ for their businesses. They have needed to adapt as a matter of survival. And it has perhaps placed a new essential emphasis on automation and what it can offer in a professional context.

Automation in 2022: Job Creations

Naturally, some people may worry that the surge in automation may cause a knock-on effect of job cuts.

Some redundancies can be expected. A report from the World Economic Forum suggests that automation could create a staggering 97 million jobs across the globe. Existing roles may also be developed and fine-tuned into something else linked to automation, especially in health care and banking.

Hopefully, this will yield more opportunities to workers who have fallen on hard times or provide assurances to those concerned they may soon be dismissed from their roles. Clearly, the trade-off is not perfect here yet, but it is to be hoped that in time the kinks can be ironed out and that the presence of automation will not take away employment opportunities but rather expand them.

Automation in 2022: Vendor Awareness

It is an intriguing time to be living in, but that does not mean that a few wrong turns cannot be experienced when it comes to automation.

Forbes rightly acknowledges that automation is essential today, but they also warn against choosing vendors who are not the right fit for the reader’s businesses. Of course, business leaders risk wasting automation opportunities if they do not know what to look for in a vendor.

Solutions here may include:

  • Understanding business processes – Automation is most effective when optimized to a firm’s individual processes and circumstances. Vendors need to know this and acutely understand what each business requires of them.
  • Assessing the vendor’s work history – If an obscure entity provides automation technologies without any trace of prior success, they are sure to be avoided.
  • Determining if the vendor is easy to work with – Just because a vendor provides innovative technologies does not mean that they will provide fair value or good customer service. Judging them as one would any other supplier or business partner is essential also.

Automation is the future, but that future needs to be in capable hands. It seems this discussion is being developed further in 2022, alongside a more realistic sense of perspective.

Automation in 2022: Common Uses

The seismic changes in automation now mean that the technology is more common than many might think.

In everyday life, mass emails are beginning to be utilized more frequently, enabling email users to get in touch with their contacts in more efficient ways. Learning how to send mass email is easier than ever, and a quick peruse online should detail all readers to need to know on the matter. There is always a way to improve things here, such as avoiding the limited capabilities provided by Gmail and instead using an alternative email marketing service.

Ultimately, automation is now deeply embedded into the daily chores of life, rather than being something of a feat to be marveled at today. It has helped people be independent in isolation or prevented them from falling short in their careers when removed from their usual work life. Automation is now almost enjoyed unthinkingly, a necessity, and the ease of its learning and use has made the technology an intrinsic part of 2022 living.


At the time of writing, 2022 looks to be a time of reset and new beginnings worldwide. Automation is also marking new territory at the same time. People have never been more conscious about the benefits the technology brings in personal and professional capacities and better understand how to navigate it all safely and with confidence. Consequently, automation is likely to take a central position in the running of global society, starting in 2022.

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